Taco Bar

Our most popular catering option! 15.00/PP

Based on 3 tacos PP

Choose from:

Chicken, Steak, Ground Beef, Spicy Pork, Al Pastor, 

Steak w/ Chorizo (Mixtos)


  • Soft corn, flour and/or hard shells
  • Refried Beans or Black Beans
  • Mexican Rice
  • Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, cilantro, and sour cream
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Hot sauce
  • Minimum 10 Person order


  • Guacamole: $1.75 PP
  • Pico-de-gallo: $1.00 PP
  • Habanero sauce: $1.00 PP

Chicken Wings

BBQ, BBQ Hot, Chipotle, Hot,

Chipotle Hot, BBQ Chipotle, and Plain

Orders include blue cheese and/or

ranch dressing

50 wings: $62.50               60 wings: $75
70 wings: $87.50              80 wings: $100

Great for parties!!!!

Enchilada Bar

Minimum 10 person order. $13 /PP

Based on two enchilada per person.

Meat, cheese & sauce inside a flour tortilla topped with sauce & melted cheese.

Choice of meat: Chicken, Steak, Spicy Pork, or Ground Beef

Choice of sauce: mild white cream, mild red,

salsa verde, or chipotle.


  •   Mexican Rice
  •   Refried OR black beans
  •   Chips and salsa


  • guacamole $1.50 per person
  • pico de gallo: $1 per person
  • habanero salsa: $1 per person

*** A 24 Hour Notice is needed for Catering Orders ***

*** Larger Catering Orders of 25 or more people require a 72 Hour Notice***

Fajita Bar

Minimum 10 person order.

Meat, onions, peppers, tomatoes sauteed in a light wine-Mexican cream sauce. May omit sauce upon request

Choose from:  

Vegetable: $15 per person          Steak: $17 per person
Chicken: $17 per person            Shrimp: $20 per person
Chicken and Steak: $17 pp       

Chicken, steak and shrimp: $21 pp


Soft corn and/or flour tortillas
Refried OR black beans
Mexican rice
Salsa Verde
Chips and salsa

Choose from regular cream sauce, or

Rancheras sauce (spicy) Served on the side if requested. 

(May also choose no sauce)


  • pico de gallo: $1 per person
  • habanero salsa: $1 per person